The Lu group's interests lie at the interface between chemistry and biology. We are developing innovative chemical approaches to provide deeper insight into biological structures and functions. We are also taking advantage of recently developed biological tools to advance many areas in chemistry, such as inorganic chemistry, chemical biology, and materials chemistry. We strive to make significant contributions in three principal areas of research:
  1. Biosynthetic Inorganic Chemistry and its application in environmentally benign catalysis in renewable energy generation and pharmaceuticals.
  2. Fundamentals of DNAzymes and Sensor Development for environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics.
  3. Functional DNA Nanotechnology: Precise Spatial and Dynamic Controls of Nanomaterials Assembly and its Applications in Sensing, Imaging and Medicine.
Recent News
2014 09 03 | Arzeena Ali has been featured in a piece for the I-STEM Education Initiative as a Chemistry Merit Scholar: From Moon Rocks to Test Tubes: Arzeena Ali Exemplifies the STEM Pipeline in Action
2014 04 19 | Matt Ross in the lab has won the Distinction award from the Biochemistry department as a senior undergraduate student. Congratulations!
2014 03 05 | How ANDalyze is bringing water testing to the mainstream | Dr. Priya Mazumdar, a former Lu group PhD, and the Lu group sensor technology are featured by the Chicago Tribune: ANDalyze
2014 01 02 | Nucleic Acids - Chemistry and Applications | A recent virtual issue of the Journal of Organic Chemistry/Organic Letters/Journal of the American Chemical Society commemorating the 60th anniversary of the elucidation of the DNA double helix has highlighted work by Le-Le et al. dues to its "high scientific quality and broad appeal." The article describes a simple strategy to prepare uniform DNA-modified up-conversion nanoparticles as versatile bioprobes.
2014 January | First Person: Building with DNA | Dr. Lu has recently been interviewed by American Scientist, the magazine of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, before his delivery of Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture at Sigma Xi Headquarter in Research Triangle Park, NC. To see the intervew: American Scientist: Building with DNA